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Travelex has over 30 years experience selling foreign exchange solutions through businesses and directly to consumers worldwide. We are the world’s largest currency exchange company, and have a proven track record of delivering outsourced foreign exchange solutions with over 2,000 partners in North America, including banks, credit unions, and travel agents. Travelex can provide you with a simple, turn-key solution guaranteed to meet your customers’ travel money needs.  

Foreign Currency Banknotes

Travelex offers access to more than 100 foreign currencies everyday. We also can source exotic banknotes that other suppliers may have difficultly obtaining, due to our extensive worldwide network. Our decades of experience in seasonal currency trends and extensive market research means we can anticipate customers’ needs, ensuring the currencies they need are readily available.  

Cash Passport™

Travelex is the only provider of the popular and award-winning prepaid currency card, Cash Passport™. As the premier alternative to travelers cheques, it is the safe, convenient and secure way to carry travel money, available in Euros, British Pounds, and US Dollars.  


CashPax™ are pre-packaged wallets of local currency and coin containing a range of banknote denominations designed to meet the needs of customers who would like to arrive prepared at a destination. CashPax™ are available in Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Mexican Pesos.  


For more information on Travelex’s products and services or to sign up please contact our Customer Care Team at 1-866-458-1193 or [email protected].

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