$0 Fee Buy Back Terms & Conditions

  • Original receipt for initial purchase of currency/ies (“Transaction”) in good condition is required at redemption.
  • $0 Fee Buy Back Offer must be redeemed within ninety (90) days from date of Transaction.
  • Rate of currency exchange on redemption date will be determined by Travelex without mark up or a service fee and will not be determined by the rate used at the time of initial Transaction.
  • The rate used at redemption will not be the same as the rate used for your original Transaction, and the amount received upon redemption will be different from the amount of your original Transaction.
  • $0 Fee Buy Back Offer limited to redemption once per Transaction in country of purchase only.
  • $0 Fee Buy Back Offer is only valid for banknote and Cash Passport transactions.
  • $0 Fee Buy Back must be redeemed in a Travelex store. There is no postal redemption for the product.
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