For almost a decade, Travelex has prided itself with our associations with some of the best teams & most determined individuals in the world. The partnerships always seek to create innovative marketing opportunities that offer real benefits to our customers. Ever since our first foray into sponsorship, Travelex has taken great pride in its associations with the world of sport and arts. Whether it is a unique use of an ‘ident’ around a sporting occasion, simple branding on shirts or tailored events for our own customers we only focus on relationships directly aligned to our business values.

For all sponsorship queries contact: [email protected]

Examples of our reent activity are the UK broadcast sponsorship of the Rugby, Cricket or Football World Cups, Australian Cricket Team and Formula 1 sponsorship and our award winning and critically acclaimed arts sponsorship with the National Theatre. We have worked extremely hard with our sponsorship activity to spread the word on the Travelex philosophy to like minded people.

Sponsorships across both sport and the arts are used to generate awareness for our brand statement, 'We hate to be beaten'. This statement was born out of our company philosophy and the way we do business. It's a competitive streak that has one objective, to give our customers the best. As a simple example for our retail business in the UK it means a guarantee of the best exchange rate through our online Price Promise. So just like the teams and individuals we work with... it's nothing personal against our competitors, we just don't like losing!

The 'We hate to be beaten' statement is communicated through teams or individuals with the same mindset - a determined and focused ambition to always deliver their best.

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