Travelex Launches Global Rewards Card

‘Discount at destination’ offered for repeat currency purchases

London - August 18th 2008 - Foreign exchange specialist Travelex today announced the launch of their Global Rewards Card, to reward customers making a repeat purchase at Travelex shops around the world. Starting Monday 18th August 2008, customers who exchange currency pre-trip at Travelex will be given a free Global Rewards Card which entitles them to a discount at their destination.

The Global Rewards Card gives customers a discount on the exchange rate or commission if they choose to purchase foreign currency from Travelex again in another country. The card will be valid in over 20 countries and more than 700 Travelex shops worldwide. Inevitably, the majority of travelers (as much as 70% according to global research commissioned by Travelex) find that they do indeed require more foreign currency at some point during their trip. The Global Rewards Card ensures that, as a loyal Travelex customer, they will get the best deal possible in the country in which they are traveling. It also helps travelers avoid the additional fees that may come with relying on their credit and debit cards.

The Global Rewards Card will appeal especially to travelers visiting multiple countries, such as backpackers, as well as frequent flyers and long stay travelers who are unlikely to want to carry their entire cash needs with them. Julian Neal, Global Marketing Director, Travelex said ‘This is the first time a foreign currency provider has implemented a global promotion on this scale.’

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